Let CEEDA guide you through the maze

Why belong to an Association? After all, Association membership usually involves a commitment of time and money. With so many other obligations in your busy life, is one more commitment really worth it?


Canada East Equipment Dealers' Association (CEEDA) exists solely to serve you, the equipment dealer. Without a little help negotiating the twists and turns of an equipment dealership, it can sometimes seem like a race through a maze, bumping into dead ends and guessing which way to turn.

Association membership is about entering that maze with a map in your hand and a crew cheering you on. If you have forgotten what a great feeling that can be, take a look at how CEEDA helps you negotiate the maze.

Advocacy - CEEDA represents your interests to the manufacturer, business community and government. When our industry faces major threats, we are in there fighting on your behalf. Your membership helps support Canada East Equipment Dealers' Association's ongoing efforts to enact policy and legislation favourable to Equipment Dealers to protect your future and livelihood.

Regulations - When it comes to complying with today’s changing regulatory environment, CEEDA provides information on how to work within the guidelines and regulations enforced by the government. By monitoring industry issues, we can help you make necessary changes and adaptations in operations.

Through publications, bulletins and meetings, CEEDA translates complicated laws and regulations into understandable language.

To learn more about the benefits of becoming a member of Canada East Equipment Dealers' Association, contact us today!