Board of Directors

The programs and services of the Canada East Equipment Dealers' Association (CEEDA) are made available to the membership of the organization through the efforts of a devoted group of elected officers and directors working with and through the Association's full-time President/CEO and staff.


CEEDA's Executive consists of the Chairman of the Board, the Immediate Past Chair, 1st Vice-Chair, 2nd Vice-Chair and Secretary/Treasurer. The remainder of the Board is comprised of up to seven (7) Directors.


All members of the Board are elected at CEEDA's Annual Meeting, held at our Annual Convention in February, at which any Member of the Association may attend and vote. All terms are for one (1) year. All retiring officers are eligible for re-election.


All of the Board Members are Dealer Members of the Association and they are advised and assisted in their work by an Advisory Board consisting of Past Presidents of the Association.


The Board of Directors schedules Board Meetings as needed to conduct business of the Association and to work with the organization's full-time staff in developing and implementing the programs offered by the Association to its membership.